5 Signs You’re Hiring the Right Car Detailing Company

5 Signs You’re Hiring the Right Car Detailing Company

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Car detailing – it’s kind of like getting a haircut. Is it just a simple haircut? Of course, it seems simple when you go to the right person. The best barber can make you look and feel like a million bucks. But if you just walk into a random SuperCuts, who knows what’s going to happen.

For those who want to look their best, keeping the car clean is important. Say you’re going out for a date (yes you should still take your wife or hubby out on dates). There is some happy planning and anticipation involved. But are you going to dress up nice and jump into a car that’s full of junk? Sitting surrounded by junk stuck in Toronto traffic can be a total buzz kill. If you get your car cleaned and organized, boost up the heat in the car, you’ll have a great night no matter where you’re going. The journey can be just as enjoyable as the destination.

Okay okay. Enough storytelling. So, you need your car detailed. Make it sparkle. Make driving (aka being stuck in traffic for our friends in Toronto) enjoyable again.


Here are 5 ways to tell if you’re hiring the best car detailing company to get the job done right.

  1. They have great online reviews.
  2. They show photos of their customer’s cars.
  3. They sound friendly and professional when picking up the phone.
  4. They can clearly explain the process and results of their service.
  5. They have a satisfaction guarantee policy.

Online reviews

The best and easiest way to check see if a car detailing company will give you awesome services is to take a look at their online reviews. Look at Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Yelp Reviews. Take some time to read their positive reviews and see if they’re authentic. Fake reviews are common nowadays and can be deceiving especially if the company is new. What are people saying when they praise the company? Does it sound like how a customer would actually talk or does it look like it was written by somebody in Ukraine who has no idea what they’re reviewing (ie. fake).

Check out the car detailing company’s negative reviews too. Any business no matter how good they are will have some unhappy customers. What are the negative reviews regarding? Is it important to you? For example, some customers may have been disappointed by the quality of service, the customer service, scheduling issues, communication issues, etc. See if the car detailing company you want to hire constantly receive negative reviews for something that’s important to you.

If you really want to dig deep to see if a car detailing company is legit, see who’s writing the reviews. You can sometimes tell by their name or profile photo when you look at Google Reviews. Are the reviewers a bunch of teenagers and friends of friends? Or are the reviewers real people just like yourself? You decide for yourself if the reviewers are credible or not.

What about their average score? A great car detailing company should have at least a 4.5/5 review. There should be no reason why 90% of their customers are perfectly happy if they’re a great company to deal with.

Finally, the best car detailing companies in Toronto will have recent reviews. If their last review was from 6 months ago, it’s hard to tell if they’re still operating to the same standard. Recent positive reviews are more relevant and bonus points. If they’re really one of the best car detailing companies in Toronto, the company should have no issues earning new reviews on a regular basis.

Who are their customers?

toronto car detailing customers

You ever have a friend recommend you a restaurant and after you go there, you find it to be terrible? People have different standards. Same thing with car detailing. Some people may be happy with a $60 quick job while others want their car cleaned to perfection.

There’s usually two types of car detailing companies. Low end and high end. The low-end companies are basically quick in and out jobs. If you just need your car interior wiped down or your car is pretty old and busted, the low end may be suitable. You get what you pay for when it comes to car detailing. It’s like paying $13.99 for a haircut by Joe Blow or $45+ for an experienced professional to make you look damn good. Different strokes for different folks.

When trying to find the best car detailing company, take a look at the photos of “their work”. Do they typically work on Honda and non-luxury vehicles or high-end cars like Mercedes and Porsches? That should give you a gauge of how that car detailing company is positioned in terms of standards in work quality and customer service.

Here’s the thing though – Just because they commonly work on high-end cars, doesn’t mean they’re not the right choice if you have a non-luxury car. In terms of pricing, you’d be paying probably 10-15% higher to go to a car detailing service that commonly details high-end cars. The price difference is not much but knowing that people with $100,000+ cars trust this specific car detailing company, it can give you peace of mind that your baby will be treated right.

In summary, a gallery of the car detailing company’s work and customer cars is an indicator of their overall work quality. If you see a bunch of photos of their customer’s high-end cars, it’s a sign of trust. If the customer that owns a Porsche goes to this company, he’s not going to mess around right? Even if you own a Toyota, you can get the same quality service too because the price difference will only be 10-15% if any at all.

Professional and friendly on the phone

car detailing phone

It’s a wonderful thing when you find somebody you can trust in any business. Finding the best car detailing company to use for your whole family and for the rest of your life is the same concept. Car detailing is a people business anyways and it should come with great service.

One sign that a car detailing is on point is if they pick up the phone at all. It can be super annoying trying to reach a company and they’re not available even on the initial call. It begs the question – how do you trust a car detailing company that doesn’t even pick up their phone promptly?

The best car detailing companies in Toronto will always have a dedicated customer service manager who is available to answer calls promptly. He or she will also be able to answer any questions clearly and in a friendly manner.

In terms of being professional on the phone, the car detailing company should also be able to describe their services in a concise manner. For example, if you ask “so how does your car detailing service work, do I have to bring my car in?”, a great car detailing will be able to respond instantly with eagerness. Your questions should be responded to with confidence and patience. We get many phone calls each day and it’s really the same questions over and over again, making them easy to answer. It just speaks to our experience.

The worst case scenario is when the car detailing company offers poor customer service over the phone. That can take form in a rude voice, impatience, or just unclear communication. Trust is the most important factor when you’re considering hiring a car detailing company to take care of your beloved car. If there’s no trust, no matter what prices or what statements the company provides, buyer beware.

Clear explanation of the detailing process

car detailing process

The best car detailing companies in Toronto should be able to gain your trust through their actions and presentation. Whenever a guy commands you to “just trust me”, that’s a tell-tale sign something’s wrong. Why should you trust them without any effort from them to gain that trust.

When it comes to detailing a car, a rigorous process is required to produce the best result. As a professional car detailing service, we can’t just clean your car as we see fit. We clean each car using the mandated rigorous detailing process that all of our staff are trained on. This ensures that the result you get is consistent whether your car is trashed or super clean to begin with. To be one of the best car detailing companies in Toronto, we can’t ever say “Oh sorry your car was too dirty to begin with”. We’re more of the type of company that says “No worries, we got a solution for this”.

Anyways, enough about us.

When choosing the best car detailing company to go with, ask for about their process. What is included in the service? How long does it take? Do you clean everything? How many people work on the car? ← if you really want to go into details.

In summary, the thing to look when identifying the best car detailing company to hire is their ability to explain their services in a precise manner. Quality car detailing is all about consistency and process. It’s not just whatever the detailing specialists feel like that day.

They have a satisfaction guarantee policy.

car detailing satisfaction guarantee

No company has a 100% customer satisfaction rate, especially when they get larger. A Toronto car detailing company that services 1000s of customers will most definitely have a solid satisfaction guarantee or refund policy. You want to know your options if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason. We’re a service company at the end of the day. That means you get customer service before the appointment, quality detailing during the appointment, and we’re still eager to hear any feedback from you after the service.

Check to see if the car detailing company you’re hiring offers a refund policy. See the fine print. Is it conditional or is it a refund no questions asked. It will be a testament if they’re operating at a Joe Blow or the Amazon/Starbucks level.


Hopefully, this guide can provide you with a bit of guidance in choosing the best car detailing company in Toronto. For those who choose us, happy to be of assistance. Cheers to many years of service to come.