Cheap Car Wash vs $200 Complete Car Detailing

In Summary: It’s like going to McDonald’s vs Michelin Star Restaurant. You have a choice, so which do you prefer?

Work Quality

There are night and day differences here.

What you get with a $50 car detailing service is basically nothing. You’ll be lucky if they don’t damage your car.

If you’ve ever gotten a $50 car detailing service, you’ll notice how casual these people will go about detailing your car. It’s almost like a goon-show, a joke of a job.

They use dirty towels, drop their tools, and have no uniform. Their equipment is some off-the-shelf Home Depot vacuum and it looks like they use one product for everything.

What’s more, anything they can’t clean well, they’ll spray Armour-All (the product that makes your dashboard shiny) and cover up the dirt. What you’re left with is a car bombarded with cosmetic treatments that make your car look cheap.


iDetail’s different – we’re rated 5 out of 5 stars on Google for a reason.

To start, all of our detailing specialists are trained and experienced. We only do one thing and we do it quite well. That is – to make your car look and feel brand new.

How do we do this?

It takes about $6000 worth of professional detailing equipment to make your car look brand new.

Instead of using a Home Depot vacuum, we use a specialized carpet extractor. What the heck is that you ask?

A Carpet Extractor is a powerful machine that sprays high pressure water and vacuums at the same time. That way, all the dirt and smells from deep within your carpets (and if you have fabric seats) are removed.

And that’s not all. We don’t just vacuum your car. We power wash your mats and also clean 100% of your car. That includes between the seats, in super-hard-to-reach places, trunk, door jambs, cup holders, you name it.

To truly “detail” a car, you cannot just wipe down your dash.

Instead, the method we use is the same as all high-end detailing shops like Mercedes, BMW, and Audi dealerships. We use compressed air to clean in the tightest spaces such as the air vents, the stitching in your seats, the seals in your door, etc. There’s too much to list.


Once your interior looks brand new and your windows are crystal clear, we seal the car and start the exterior detailing.

The exterior detailing is where a low quality detailing service can actually damage your car.

For example, if they wash the outside of your car with dirty towels, that means they’re rubbing dirt and sand all over your car creating swirl marks and small scratches.


We do things to a much higher quality standard here at iDetail.

For the exterior, we first pressure wash it to remove the bulk of the dirt and salt. Then we do a 2-bucket hand wash. That means we prepare 2 buckets of soap and water mix. This is important because as we’re washing your car with a high-quality wash mitt, we rinse it in the second bucket. All the dirt sinks into the 2nd bucket so that we keep our soap bucket clean.

That way, we can keep our wash mitt clean of any particles and sand so that we don’t scratch your car.

While we wash your car, we also apply a clay bar treatment.

The clay bar looks like a bar of soap. However, what it does is remove brake dust and other microscopic particles off your paint. We need to make sure your car is perfectly clean. Only then, we can finish off with a wax in order to make your car shine and sparkle.

Customer Service


Who is the current customer service leaders of the world? Amazon, Starbucks, TD Canada Trust. What do they all have in common?

Easy & Simple

Today’s service environment requires more than just courtesy and a smile. You want things done quick and easy. It makes things easier for you and makes you more productive so you can get on to do other things in life.

Speed starts with our website. iDetail’s website is hosted on a local Toronto server so that means it’s optimized to be fast for our Toronto customers. There’s no clutter on our site so that makes it easy and fast to book your services online. No other car detailing service in Toronto has an option to reserve your appointment online. Most just have forms where you give them your info. What’s the point of back and forth? Just book an appointment in 15 seconds or less and be done with it.

If you want to call our customer service team by phone, we have a mandate. Our mandate is to pick up the phone in 5 seconds or less. Try calling the other detailing services in Toronto and you’ll most likely be dialing into a brick wall.

Once you book an appointment with us, you get email confirmation instantly. Your appointment reservation syncs with the calendars of our detailing specialists. They keep you informed by sending you a confirmation with all the appointment details such as time, service booked, and price. We also send you an appointment reminder 12 hours before your appointment.

When our mobile car detailing specialist arrives at your house to clean your car, we get to work. Just see how organized they are and you immediately get a sense that you’ve hired the professionals.


We’re not a car detailing company – that’s the industry standard. We’re a customer happiness company and that’s how we’re rated 4.9/5 stars on Google. Yup, those are real reviews. If you look at the reviews of our competitors, you’ll find duplicate posts. Come on, you don’t need fake reviews if you have real happy customers.

We’re just here to help. Whether that’s cleaning your car, helping you sell your car, or cleaning your baby seats free of charge.

If for any reason you’re not 100% happy with our service, we’ll make it perfect for you or issue you a full refund.


Yup, we’re not going to deny it. There’s a difference in price. We have higher prices than the dirty car wash down the road. But we’re also 25% lower priced than the BMW/Audi/Mercedes dealership for the same level of service.

Dealerships usually charge $350+ for their Gold Detailing Package. We charge $240 for the same package. That’s just because we don’t have the BMW brand name, however, we do the exact same thing. In fact, most of our car detailing specialists come from dealerships where they’ve had the experience to detail 1000s of cars.

Time Required

If you’ve ever tried one of those $50 car detailing services, you’ll know they can get your car done in 15 or 30 mins. Quality craftsmanship takes time. It goes back to the McDonalds analogy. It takes 5 minutes to make food at McDonalds but you know quality cooking takes many processes, techniques, and time.

Our car detailing specialists typically spend 3-4 hours per service appointment to make your car look brand new. Sorry for the wait! Even after detailing 1000s of cars, we’ve found no way to speed up the process. We know you’re in a hurry to see the transformation. But we just can’t do it any faster. Quality takes time.

Each step of iDetail’s process is carefully crafted to produce the best result and to prevent damage to your car. We’re committed to making your car look brand new and we can’t bring ourselves to deliver anything less.

Final Result

Remember we’re comparing a cheap car wash versus a premium car detailing package from iDetail. Our customers tell us horror stories where cheap car washes ruined their car by scratching it and overloading it with scented products. They leave those shops in deep regret and dissatisfaction.

No worries. That’s not the experience you’ll get with us. At the end of our service, you’ll be amazed how good your car can look. You’ll feel refreshed and revitalized. Love your driving again with a car that sparkles inside and out.

To experience iDetail, start by booking an appointment online.

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