Never Use the Gas Station Car Wash

Gas Station Car Wash = Sandpaper.

You know those big blue spinning things at the gas station? Hundreds of cars pass through automatic machines every day with all types of dirt and sand stuck to their car. What people don’t know is that these blue clothes rarely get cleaned. So that means when you drive through the car wash and the blue cloth is spinning at high speeds to wash your car, what’s actually happening is that your car is being sanded as opposed to cleaned.

We often see customers with brand new cars who want to continue enjoying their shiny car go through these washes often. The result is that there are a bunch of swirl marks and tiny scratches. It’s especially apparent on black cars. If you look closely at any of your friends who use these car washes (especially those who buy season passes), you’ll see despite their car being free of dirt, it’s been scratched already.

Touchless Washes Don’t do Much.

Touchless car washes don’t have the “sanding” effect as the cloth washes. They also don’t clean very well. In a touchless car wash, your car gets sprayed with soap but that doesn’t loosen the dirt enough for it to all wash out during the next stage. After your car is soaped, the pressure wash in the final stage only washes at specific angles so it won’t get clean the contours of your car. If your car were a perfect rectangle, the automatic touchless wash would probably work better.

Beware of Hand-Washes by Shady Shops.

Every neighborhood has it’s local sketchy hand-wash shop. However, they combine the worst of both worlds. They rarely wash their wash mitts which should be washed after each vehicle. Also because they’re usually priced very low, the car washers aren’t given the proper time and attention required to do a great job. If you ever have a chance to read any reviews of these cheap discount hand car wash services, you’ll see many 2/5 stars and probably never find a 5/5 star service. We’re not the cheapest car wash around however you can see our 5/5 star reviews on Google or Facebook.

Waterless Washes is Just a Dream.

The car care industry has invented a magical product called the waterless wash. Just like the name says, the product is to be sprayed onto the car and then wiped off with a cloth. This is supposed to clean your car however it’s just a gimmick. Most mobile car detailing services use waterless washes because it’s easy to use and they don’t have to carry their own water tank. However, this just isn’t practical. A waterless wash product is suitable for cleaning wheels at best because wheels can take a high level of abrasion. The problem with the waterless wash is that it only cleans the surface. There’s no water that flows through the door handles or the seams where the body panels merge. It’s like taking a dry shower. How clean can you be just wiping yourself down with a damp cloth?

The Safest Way to Wash Your Car

If you have a nice car that you want to preserve, the safest way to wash your car is to use a 2-bucket method. That means you have 2 buckets when you wash your car. One bucket for the clean water, and another bucket for the dirty water (the one you rinse the wash-mitt wish). Also, get a grit guard for your buckets so that there’s a separation between the grit and water column. That way, as your rinsing the wash-mitt in the dirty bucket, all the grit falls down to the bottom. If all this is sounding too complicated, you can always get professional car detailing done by iDetail. 

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