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Removing Vomit from Car


Vomit is extremely smelly. It’s rotting organic food mixed with stomach acid.

What’s more, it’s a liquid form so it seeps into every little area in your car such as seams of the seats, buttons, air vents, etc. If you have perforated seats (ie. the fancy leather seats with little holes in them), you can bet that vomit is in the inside of your luxury leather seats already.

Getting to the point. How the heck do you clean up this mess?

vomit removal

Step 1: Remove the vomit immediately!

If the vomit occurred in the middle of the night when no detailing shop is open, go to the nearest gas station and start vacuuming yourself right away. Don’t use your own vacuum at home, it will leave the same terrible smell in your vacuum and wreck it.

At the gas station $2 vacuum machine, vacuum as much of it as possible. Then take an all-purpose cleaner like Windex or dish soap and clean off as much as you can. Wet a towel and keep wiping the spoiled surfaces cleaned just like you would clean a spill in your house.

Removing the vomit will help reduce the damage.

However, you’ll find that your car still STINKS! Until 100% of the vomit has been removed, it’s still going to stink up your car. Cleaning it yourself can get 80% of it out if you put a lot of, but 20% will still remain in hidden areas.


Step 2: Get your car professionally detailed.

I’m not trying to sell some service here.

The reality is that we have special tools, techniques, and experience that can get rid of the vomit from the source and the smell 99% of the times. It’s very rigorous and detailed work. Give us a call at 647-405-4516 and I can explain how we’ve been very successful at helping customers remove vomit and smell from their car.

Do this immediately though! Don’t delay.

Vomit smell seeps into all the surfaces of your care more and more with each passing hour. If it’s a hot summer day, you have only a few hours to save your car from permanent vomit smells.


Step 3: Remove the remaining smell

Once the source is removed, you’re safe from permanent vomit smell. But there’s still more work to do to restore your car smell to its original state.

Here are a couple things you can do:

*Note: These methods help remove the remaining smells that are in the air. It’s only useful once you’ve removed 100% of the vomit from the source.

Keep windows open and keep out of direct sunlight

Keeping your windows open helps the smell escape the car. It also helps your car dry out as humidity from it evaporates. The last thing you want is the bacteria in the vomit to produce all kinds of green/blue/purple mold in your car. Keeping your car in the shade and out of the sun will also help keep the inside temperature down. That way, your car doesn’t turn into an oven with vomit inside.

Baking Soda

Place a brand new box of open baking soda near the infected area of the car. The baking soda will help absorb some of the smells.

White Vinegar

Place a bottle of open vinegar in the car. This will also help absorb some of the vomit smells.

Do NOT clean your car with vinegar or spill any vinegar in the car. This will cause your car to smell like vinegar.

Coffee beans/ground coffee

Placing coffee beans whether whole or ground will also help you absorb some of the vomit smells.

BBQ Charcoal

Buy some lump charcoal and place in a plastic container. Then place the plastic container with the charcoal exposed to the air (ie. container without lid). This helps absorb the vomit smell also.


Odaban is readily available at Home Hardware. It’s a specific cleaner designed to remove odour. Try it as a last resort.

*ALWAYS REMEMBER: You must remove all vomit from the car first. There’s so many nooks and crannies that vomit spills into. If even one of these areas are not cleaned perfectly, the vomit smell will remain and become even stronger over time.

Give us a call and we can help you remove 100% of the vomit from the source.

Customer Support: 647-405-4516

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