What Is Included In A Full Car Detail?

What Is Included In A Full Car Detail?

This is probably the most commonly asked question: “What exactly do you do for $290?”

You better be doing my dishes and changing my kid’s diapers. Sorry, we won’t be doing that. We pamper the crap out of your car though, no pun intended.

whats included in car detailing


7 Steps All-Inclusive Car Detailing Package

  1. Before We Start
  2. Professional Car Detailing
  3. Shampoo Your Carpets
  4. Dry Your Car
  5. Wash The Outside
  6. Put Everything Back
  7. Final Inspection

1. Before We Start

car shampoo detail

When we get to your house, all you have to do is give us your car keys.

Our car detailing specialist has a fully equipped mobile car detailing van. We bring our own water, electricity, and a bunch of high-end detailing equipment so we can do an amazing job cleaning your car.

Before we get started with the amazing deep-clean, we’re going to remove and organize your personal belongings first. Still got your gym bag, kids toys, random crap in your car? Don’t worry, just leave it there for us. You don’t have to clean up your car before we arrive. You don’t have to be embarrassed, we’ve seen the worst of the worst here in Toronto. Plus it’s the business we’re in. We’re happy to give you an amazing experience so that you book car detailing with us year after year.

The obvious garbage such as used napkins and old coffee cups will be thrown out. Other belongings like sunglasses etc. we will organize for you and place them back where we found it. The reason why we take the time to take everything out of your car at the beginning is to streamline the cleaning. Our car detailing specialists are diligent in the process to provide you with the best result. You won’t find us tripping over equipment or wasting time. That’s why you hired the professional right?

Short version: We remove all your personal belongings before we dive deep into an amazing deep cleaning of your car. 


2. Professional Car Detailing

car shampoo detailing

Now that your car is free of personal belongings and garbage, we move onto the actual detailing.

What is car detailing?

Car detailing is a service where an experienced car detailer cleans every nook and cranny of your car using special equipment and techniques. This is not just vacuuming and wiping down the seats.

We start the detailing process by using high-pressure air with a mild disinfecting solution. We do this section by section to ensure your car looks brand new after and there are no missed spots. This is the most effective way to deep clean your car. It’s like going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned. A toothbrush only goes so far, while the dental hygienist uses all their special tools to do a deep clean so you walk out of there clean and confident. We’re the dental hygienist for your car.

Short version: We deep clean all areas of your car in the same way that your dentist would clean your teeth. 


3. Shampoo Your Carpets

whats included in auto detail

Once we’re finished detailing the hard surfaces of your car (dashboard, doors, cup holders, radio controls, steering wheel, seats, etc.) we move onto deep-cleaning the carpets.

In order to clean the carpets of your car so they’re nice and fluffy again, we shampoo your car. What the heck does that mean? It means we take a special machine called a “carpet extractor”.

It’s a $2000 machine that acts like a vacuum. However, the vacuum nozzle is shaped like a blade instead of it being round (typically what you would find around the house). The blade-shaped nozzle is specially designed for detailing cars because it provides maximum suction and is able to reach hard to reach areas.

That’s not the best part though. The best part is that the carpet extractor also sprays a cleaning solution onto your carpet as it vacuums. That’s why it’s called shampooing. It’s basically applying a cleaning solution, scrubbing the carpets, and vacuuming out all the moisture to leave your carpets nice and fluffy. All the salt and dirt will be removed. Your carpets will be so clean, clean enough for a child or puppy to lie down on.

The shampoo process is applied to all fabric surfaces. That includes the base carpet of your car, additional carpet mats that you have, and also fabric seats.

Short version: we use a $2000 machine to clean your car’s carpets. Your carpets will be clean enough for your kid to lie down on. 


4. Dry Your Car

full auto detail

This step’s kind of boring but important. If you have extra stubborn salt stains or dirt in your car, we will have to shampoo your carpets a bit more than usual. However, we make sure that your carpets are completely dry by the time we leave. That way, you can just get in your car and drive. We don’t leave your carpets or seats wet.

Short version: We never leave your carpets wet. Your car’s ready to drive away as soon as we’re done. 


5. Wash The Outside

car detailing shampoo

90% of our work is to clean the inside of your car to perfection. But we don’t leave you hanging on the outside. We want to give you that new car look and feel. So we do a quick wash but great wash of the outside. That way, you come out to your driveway and say WOW. The car’s cleaned to perfection inside and out.

In order to wash the outside of your car, we do it in a safe and effective manner. Most of our customers have luxury vehicles so we want to protect the car when we’re washing them.

We start the outside wash with a pre-rinse using a pressure washer. This removes the bulk of the dirt before we do a hand wash.

Once the bulk of the dirt is rinsed off, we hand wash it with a premium quality car wash detergent. It’s amazing what a quality hand wash to do, it’s 10x better than the gas station car wash. Sorry, I have no scientific evidence to back up the 10x claim but you get my point.

But what about the wheels and tires? Yup, we clean that for you too. Do you ever notice how your wheels don’t shine and are covered with black gunk? That black gunk is a mixture of dirt from driving but most of it is dust from the brakes. That’s why it’s so hard to wash off. Don’t worry though, we use a special wheel cleaner to make those wheels shine as if you just got your car from the dealership.

After the car’s perfectly washed on the outside, we dry it and make sure there are no watermarks or streaks. By this time, your windows are so clean that a bird might fly into it.

Short version: we give your car an awesome wash on the outside, 10x better than the gas station car wash. Free of charge all included.


6. Put personal belongs back

By this stage, your car will have been perfectly detailed inside and out. We put your personal belongings back where we found them. That includes phone chargers, 407 transmitters, and sunglasses. Then we inspect your vehicle to ensure we didn’t miss any spot.

full car detail


7. Final Inspection

Phew! We’re done! Our all-inclusive car detailing package typically takes 3 hours to complete for a sedan and 4 hours to complete for an SUV. The great news is that you don’t have to wait in line or leave home! We do it right on your own driveway. After we’re done, we give you your keys back and ask you to come to take a look!

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