Is iDetail Really Better? Here’s 6 Reasons Why

Is iDetail Really Better? Here are 6 Reasons Why

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There’s more than a few mobile car detailing companies in Toronto. I mean, Toronto is the 4th largest city in North America – we’re not exactly a rural town with little competition in the car detailing industry. However, these car detailing companies each have their own service offerings and prices.

Super confusing isn’t it?

All the car detailing companies in Toronto have one thing in common though. They all claim to be the “best”. But what does that actually mean? We’ve been in business for 3 years and have serviced over 1000 clients to date (April 2019).

With tons of experience doing mobile car detailing, we know where we stand against our competition.

Here are 6 things that make iDetail stand out:

  1. Crystal clear windows

  2. Consistent quality

  3. Taking caring of your driveway

  4. Specialized in luxury vehicles

  5. Clear communication

  6. We only do 1 thing

1. Crystal Clear Windows

crystal clear windows auto detailing

Ok ok – this may seem like a no-brainer but it’s actually not that simple. Your car windows take a lot of abuse. You sneeze onto them, there’s fingerprints on them, and remember those oily streaks from the last time you tried to defog your windows with your hand? Worst of all, when direct sunlight hits your windows, every little annoying speck on your dirty window shows.

iDetail’s car detailing specialists take great effort in making sure your windows are crystal clear.

Firstly, we need to wash the exterior of your car. We do this free of charge. That’s because it’s impossible to see and clean the inside windows perfect if the outside is dirty. It’s like – would you clean only 1 side of your sunglasses?

We then take special microfiber cloths and a foaming glass cleaner to clean your window to perfection. The center area of your windows is easy to clean. It’s the edges that require special attention. We meticulously clean them to perfection and double inspect them to ensure there are no remaining streaks.

2. Consistent Quality

Car detailing is a craft. It can’t be done by robots so consistency is always something we need to pay attention to. All of our detailing specialists are hired with experience. We can’t just hire random teenagers and expect them to do something that people are paying hundreds of dollars for.

Our detailing specialists then go through extensive training and supervision before they’re assigned to work on client vehicles. We have a car detailing checklist that has over 60 checkpoints. After each job, our detailing specialist will inspect each point before giving you back the keys. That’s why our loyal customers don’t have to inspect the work. We take the effort to do it for you.

As a premium car detailing service, it would be kind of silly to ask the customer “Did I miss anything?”.

Hire us to be the experts. 

3. Taking Care of Your Driveway

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You have a nice car and you want somebody to treat it like your baby. But what about your driveway? Many of our clients have luxury homes that have nice driveways and pretty much nice everything. The last thing you’d want is somebody to scratch your driveway or bang up your landscaping. That’s why we take special care when we arrive at your house.

Firstly, we need to assess the work area.

Do you have another car parked beside the one to be cleaned? If there is, is it at a safe working distance away from where we would place our equipment? Is the other car so close that we’d spray it by accident when pressuring washing the dirty car?

Is there an angle on the driveway? If the driveway is at an angle, we put extra-large door stops at the wheel of all of our equipment (ie. air compressor, carpet extractors, toolbox) to prevent it from rolling away.

Those are just some of the things we consider before starting the job.

The attention to detail doesn’t stop there.

A couple of our customers have complained about other detailing companies who spray tire shine (the product that makes your tires look all nice and clean with that wet look) directly onto the tire. While this is the easier way, the product often gets onto your driveway and creates a stain.

The stain looks like as if somebody spilled oil on your driveway. I’m positive that you want those stains on your nice driveway so we take precautions to apply tire shine with a contoured sponge so none of it gets on your driveway.

What about waste and garbage we remove from your car? As a part of our detailing regime, we blast high-pressure air to clean the super hard to reach places such as under the seats, beside the seats, door storage compartments, etc. And sometimes, tissue, candy wrappers, coins, crayons fly out onto your driveway.

Not to worry, we take the effort to clean up after we’ve done. It’s not just your car that we have to clean. We have to respect and take care of our client’s property. That means not leaving any garbage lying around after we’re done.

We also use a carpet extractor to clean your carpets. This $2000 machine sprays high-pressure water and vacuum all the stubborn dirt and salt from your carpets. After all your carpets, you should see how dirty the waste water is that remains in the machine. We take care and dump this dirty water (it looks like sewage sometimes) into the drain on your street. We’d never dump it onto your driveway. It would otherwise look like somebody vomited on your driveway.

4. iDetail Specializes in Luxury Vehicles

luxury vehicle detailing toronto

When you have a BMW, Mercedes, or Audi*, would you trust somebody who works on Hondas and Nissans all day? There’s a lot of quirks about these high-end vehicles that an inexperienced person would overlook.

Here are a couple of examples:

Windshield wipers – don’t raise them up!

EEK! This case occurs sometimes but it’s worth a look. Do you ever notice that your windshield wipers don’t raise up? They’re hidden under the hood of your car and when you raise them up, instant scratch to the edge of your hood. If somebody ever does this, you’ll be staring at this scratch for the rest of the time you own your car. It’s very difficult to repair. Whoever created this design where the windshield wiper is hidden under the edge of the hood either wants you to a) never replace your windshield wipers by yourself or b) wants you to pay for an expensive paint repair at the dealership.

Click here for examples of our work. [Link]

Sexy leather seats

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Some cars have very elegant leather (not you BMW). We take extra care when cleaning them as to not scratch them or apply heavy cleaners to them. For stubborn stains on leather such as stains from your jeans or bubble gum, we take a soft brush and gently massage them out instead of just spraying crazy product all over your beautiful seats.

Buttons, buttons, too many buttons!

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How many buttons do you have to press to adjust climate control in a luxury car? It’s 4 buttons if you have a Land Rover. Too many buttons in luxury cars. That’s okay though. We deal with this every day. It takes great effort to clean all the buttons perfectly. We use compressed air and a soft bristle brush to clean each button individually. That way your car looks so clean that you might not want to touch those buttons again.

LCD Screens

Sweet! Some technology! Pretty colours and cool designs. Super awesome but definitely hard to clean. Do you ever notice that there’s a very thin film on the surface of these LCD screens? These screens are easily scratched if the detailing specialist does not take great care and use proper technique. Why couldn’t car manufacturers use glass for these screens like Apple and Samsung does for their cell phone screens?

*Don’t worry Lexus, Volvo, Porsche. We didn’t forget about you.

5. Clear Communication

Clear communication is a key element of success. We don’t overpromise. If we say we’ll come to detail your car, we’ll do it with confidence. If we’re fully booked, we’ll tell you instead of trying to squeeze your appointment in. That will definitely screw up multiple clients and overbooking is something we just can’t do as it jeopardizes quality for our clients. Doesn’t matter if it’s a “quick and easy job”. An experienced car detailing specialist knows It’s never quick and easy.

If it’s forecasted for rain, we’ll call you right away and try to reschedule. We can’t work in the rain as it jeopardizes the quality of our work. You won’t need to call us last minute asking where we are only for us to tell you “oh it’s raining…”.

There are also those rare times that we are running a bit late. We will definitely give you a heads up. You have busy schedules that need to be managed. The last thing we want to do is hold you or your car hostage. We do appreciate your patience.

6. We Only Do 1 Thing

We don’t clean dump trucks and we can’t power wash your driveway. We don’t half-clean, we don’t discount, and sorry we can’t vacuum your sofa.

It’s tempting to take all the business that gets offered to us. However, over the years we’ve found a winning formula and decided to only offer one thing. You get what you pay for in this industry and we’ve found the perfect balance between value and quality. Our Perfect Interior Package w/ Basic Exterior Wash makes your car look and feel brand new. That’s all there is to it. We can go on to explain everything about our business but that’s just way too much info.

Is 1000s of happy clients good enough of a testament to iDetail’s winning formula?

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