COVID-19 Disinfection Services

As of April 13, 2020 – iDetail operates as an essentail service and offers sanitation services to combat COVID-19. We come to your house to sanitize your vehicle on-site using Health Canada + CDC approved COVID-19 disinfection methods.


No human contact required. We’ll call or text you when we arrive. Just tell us where you left the car keys or simply unlock your car doors for us.

After we complete your service, we’ll disinfect your keys and put them back where we found them.

Payment will be done online as usual.

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Personal Vehicle Disinfection

We disinfect your car using Health Canada approved products. Make your car safe for you and your family.

covid19 fleet disinfection

Fleet Disinfection

Regular-interval disinfection for your fleet. That way, your staff can drive with confidence.

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Office Disinfection

Give your team confidence when they come back to the office. Our professionals disinfect your office using CDC standards.

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Message from Owner

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of our customers. My best wishes for your health, safety, and family.

Meanwhile, iDetail has invested in education and equipment in regards to helping you fight COVID-19. We consulted doctors, business owners, and government entities in order to provide an effective method for keeping your car and workplace sanitized.


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COVID-19 Facts

Researchers have found that COVID-19 can remain on inanimate surfaces for several hours to several days. Our disinfection team will clean and sanitize your facility to reduce risk for your valued staff.

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Are you looking to take a proactive approach to disinfecting your workplace to protect your staff and the community?

Why Us, Why Now?

The world doesn’t have to stop just because you’re stuck at home. Get the luxury of getting your car sanitized right on your drive way by a trained professional.

We’re not the kid next door. If you have a nice car, hire somebody you can trust. Join hundreds of other customers across the GTA in getting dealership quality on your own driveway.

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