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Live in North York? iDetail has you covered with Premium Quality car detailing that’s delivered right to your house. Our experienced car detailing specialists have years of experience to make your car shine and spark. We meticiously clean your vehicle from top to bottom, inside out right on your own driveway.

What’s Included?

Premium Interior Detailing

  • Steam-clean all plastic areas (dashboard, steering wheel, doors, air vents, cup holders storage areas, etc.)
  • Deep vacuum entire vehicle
  • Remove salt build-up on carpets
  • Shampoo carpet mats and carpeted areas to remove smells and stains
  • Clean all leather seats and surfaces
  • Pressure wash all plastic floor mats
  • Clean all windows, mirrors, and LCD screens
  • Clean and organize trunk
  • Remove trash and organize personal belongings

Exterior Wash (Included)

  • Thoroughly pressure wash entire vehicle
  • Hand-wash vehicle safely to prevent scratching
  • Wash and remove grime/brake dust of wheels
  • Clean and inspect windows of any residue
  • Remove tree-sap (when applicable)
  • All products used are eco-friendly and non-allergic

Premium Quality

auto detailing North York

Quality is our priority

Every year, 1000s of customers in Toronto trust iDetail to detail their luxury vehicle. Luxury vehicles require special attention because their interiors are full of delicate materials. iDetail’s car detailing specialists in North York the know-how to take care of your baby. Be prepared to be amazed!

Detailing on Your Driveway

mobile detailing North York

Stop wasting time.

Driving to the dealership and waiting around is a huge waste of time. You no longer need to drive anywhere to get your car detailed in North York. iDetail brings dealership quality detailing to you. Equipped with the same professional equipment and experience, we’re a detailing shop on wheels. It takes 30 seconds to book online!

mobile car detailing North York

Why iDetail?

Clients in North York prefer us for 2 reasons:

1) We do a great job.
We’ve been doing this for 4 years and have detailed 1000s of cars across the GTA. iDetail’s proprietary detailing process restores your car to like-new conditions. We offer a luxury service experience and take care of the details with a smile and enthusiasm.

2) We are customer-oriented.
Successful professionals and business owners appreciate great service experiences. Our services are easy to book and we try to improve our customer service each day. iDetail was started with the aim of becoming Toronto’s best car detailing service. We are not the teenager next door with a vacuum.

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Our People

We’re a small dedicated team of young professionals.

Cleaning your car isn’t the most glorifying job. However, we take pride in WOWing our clients in North York. Our team is built on continously improving ourselves and being the best that we can for our clients.

See Our Work

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All-Inclusive Detailing

iDetail makes your car look and feel brand new!

We only offer 1 service and it’s all-inclusive. You don’t need to pick and choose “what you want us to clean”. We meticiously detail your whole car so that you say WOW. iDetail’s car detailers in North York follow the same detailing process each time so you always get the best result possible.

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Reduce Driving Stress

Is your car a complete mess?

Work is stressful enough, the drive home back to North York doesn’t have to be. You ever walk into the house after work and it’s a complete mess? More work to do right? Stressful! What about when you get in your car? We’ll clean your car so well that you’ll want to sit in your car instead of get out of your car. Cleaner and more organized than your office and your house!

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Preserve the Value of Your Vehicle

You beat up your car, we restore it.

Is your Mercedes starting to look like a 2008 Toyota Corolla? A premium car turns into garbage when it’s full of salt, spilt coffee, and food crumbs. Don’t let your car depreciate because you don’t take care of the interior. Trust one of our detailing specialists in North York to rewind years of aging.

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Look Great and Feel Amazing

Living our best lives.

We all get lazy. But for damn sure – when we look great, we feel amazing. Same goes with our car. You deserve to enjoy your car. It’s not just a commute car or grocery getter. When your car shines and sparkles in North York, you’re living your best life and rewarding yourself.

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Car Detailing

What is car detailing? Car detailing refers to using specialized techniques to deep clean your vehicle. With the right equipment, a car detailing specialist can restore your vehicle to like-new conditions. Typically our customers get their car detailed 2 times a year, once in spring and once in fall.

Auto Detailing

Hire iDetail’s auto detailing rockstars, not the kid next door! We only offer all-inclusive auto detailing. That means we clean your car from corner to corner without compromise. Our auto detailing specialists have the knowledge and tools to make your car look amazing.

Professional Detailer

iDetail’s auto detailing specialists come with specialized auto detailing equipment and years of experience to make your car look amazing. We save you time and money by getting the job done right the first time. Auto detailing work quality and customer service are our #1 priorities.

Mobile Detailing

Premium quality auto detailing takes time. Luckily, you can get auto detailing while in the comfort of your own home. We bring the auto detailing to you at home or your office.

With iDetail, you don’t need to wait around in a shop while your car’s getting detailed. We work on your driveway to restore your car to like-new condition.

Interior Detailing

Is the inside of your car a mess? Does it look like a tornado passed through it?

Trust iDetail’s auto detailing specialists to take care of everything for you. We’ll clean your car to the finest details. Get our all-inclusive auto detailing service today!

Monthly Packages

For select clients, we offer bi-weekly and monthly maintenance packages. This keeps your vehicle looking like new every day for those who really love their car.

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