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Skip the Hassle of Waiting at the Dealership! Trusted by 1000s of Customers Across the GTA. iDetail Car Detailing Specialists Come Directly to Your House in Toronto to Deep-Clean Your Car to Perfection.

What’s Included?

Premium Interior Detailing

  • Steam-clean all plastic areas (dashboard, steering wheel, doors, air vents, cup holders storage areas, etc.)
  • Deep vacuum entire vehicle
  • Remove salt build-up on carpets
  • Shampoo carpet mats and carpeted areas to remove smells and stains
  • Clean all leather seats and surfaces
  • Pressure wash all plastic floor mats
  • Clean all windows, mirrors, and LCD screens
  • Clean and organize trunk
  • Remove trash and organize personal belongings

Exterior Wash (Included)

  • Thoroughly pressure wash entire vehicle
  • Hand-wash vehicle safely to prevent scratching
  • Wash and remove grime/brake dust of wheels
  • Clean and inspect windows of any residue
  • Remove tree-sap (when applicable)
  • All products used are eco-friendly and non-allergic

Do You Value Quality?

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We’re not the teenager next door.

Car detailing in Vaughan can vary in price. In this industry, you get what you pay for. At iDetail, quality and customer service are our #1 priorities. If you want to save the headache and get awesome results every time, let us handle the details. Join 1000s of customers in the GTA that trust iDetail.

How About Convenience?

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As easy as pizza delivery.

iDetail’s car detailing specialists in Vaughan arrives at your house fully prepared. It’s like a detailing shop on wheels. We’re fully equipped with water, electricity, and all the right tools to make your car look incredible. Let our experienced detailing specialists handle the details.

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High Performance Detailing

iDetail is a mobile car detailing service in Toronto. What that means is that we come directly to your house to do a complete cleaning of your car. We do this right on your driveway so you don’t have to waste time waiting at the car detailing shop. Enjoy dealership quality in the comfort of your own home!

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Fair Pricing

In the car detailing industry, you get what you pay for.

Premium car detailing is a lot harder than most people assume. It’s not just a quick vacuum and wipe-down your interior. iDetail’s car detailing service in Toronto meticulously details your car to perfection. The most common reaction that our clients have is “OMG my car looks brand new!”.

See Our Work

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Eager to Please

If you like quality and reliability, you’ll love us.

Here’s the thing – we only offer an all-inclusive car detailing service. That means we clean your car to the finest details every time. We never take any shortcuts even if your car is clean. And when your car is a complete mess, there are no extra charges either. The main source of frustration with other car detailing companies in Toronto is that they either charge too low and can’t do a great job or try to upsell you at your front door.

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“How Often Should I get My Car Detailed?”

Most of our clients get their car detailed 2 times a year.

Spring (April/May) is a great time to get your car detailed after a Toronto winter. Our car detailing specialists will make your car look brand-new. That means removing all the salt that’s built-up during the winter and deep cleaning your entire car.

Fall is another popular time among our clients. A busy summer left your car in a hot mess and we get that new-car smell back for you before the crazy winter arrives.

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“What Do You Need Me to Provide?”

Enjoy a turn-key car detailing at your house in Toronto.

iDetail car detailing specialists come fully prepared – including our own water. We carry about $10,000 worth of car detailing equipment in our service vans and a big tank of water. It’s a dealership-quality car detailing shop on wheels. Once we get to your house, you just have to unlock your door and we handle everything else for you.

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“How Long Does It Take?”

Quality Takes Time

We won’t waste your time. But we definitely take our time to detail your car to perfection. What’s the point of rushing the job and leaving you stranded with unsatisfactory work when we’re done. We’ve detailed 1000s of cars in Toronto. It typically takes 3 hours to complete a car detailing service on a sedan and it increases as the car gets bigger. If you can park your car for a few hours, you’ll be amazed at what our detailing specialists can do.

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Car Detailing

What is car detailing? Car detailing refers to using specialized techniques to deep clean your vehicle. With the right equipment, a car detailing specialist can restore your vehicle to like-new conditions. Typically our customers get their car detailed 2 times a year, once in spring and once in fall.

Auto Detailing

Hire iDetail’s auto detailing rockstars, not the kid next door! We only offer all-inclusive auto detailing. That means we clean your car from corner to corner without compromise. Our auto detailing specialists have the knowledge and tools to make your car look amazing.

Professional Detailer

iDetail’s auto detailing specialists come with specialized auto detailing equipment and years of experience to make your car look amazing. We save you time and money by getting the job done right the first time. Auto detailing work quality and customer service are our #1 priorities.

Mobile Detailing

Premium quality auto detailing takes time. Luckily, you can get auto detailing while in the comfort of your own home. We bring the auto detailing to you at home or your office.

With iDetail, you don’t need to wait around in a shop while your car’s getting detailed. We work on your driveway to restore your car to like-new condition.

Interior Detailing

Is the inside of your car a mess? Does it look like a tornado passed through it?

Trust iDetail’s auto detailing specialists to take care of everything for you. We’ll clean your car to the finest details. Get our all-inclusive auto detailing service today!

Monthly Packages

For select clients, we offer bi-weekly and monthly maintenance packages. This keeps your vehicle looking like new every day for those who really love their car.

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