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Google Reviews

Andriy Khomyn
Andriy Khomyn
00:03 12 Nov 19
Returning customer! Great job as always! Thank you! It was super convenient having you come to our house and clean the car while i was at work and my wife was looking after our little one:)read more
Dave Martin
Dave Martin
19:54 29 Oct 19
5 Star Plus! Best detailer out there hands down. He is reasonably priced and does a great detailing job on our car. We had one of our children throw up in the car he was able to clean/sanitize thoroughly. thx again more
Ashleigh Mar
Ashleigh Mar
18:49 01 Oct 19
So convenient having a service like this when you’re super busy. Perfectly clean on the inside(sorry for the dog hair) and my rims are sparkling. Thanks again guys for the great work!read more
Stefano P
Stefano P
21:52 19 Aug 19
Incredible detailing service for a very affordable price. They come to your home and detail your car, what more can you ask for? They detailed our Jeep Rubicon and Cadillac, they look brand new now. Thanks guys! See you again more
Lewis McIver
Lewis McIver
18:31 08 Aug 19
I don't usually write reviews but in this case I think it's completely necessary. iDetail did an incredible job detailing my car. I had really let my car go and also have a larger dog who recently shed his winter coat, adding to the distressed state of my vehicle. Ash had his work cut out for him and went the extra mile, not only cleaning the car to a 'like new' point, but also removing 99% of the dog hair inside the car. In addition to doing a great job on my car, my experience as a customer was amazing right from the first phone call I made. From start to finish this company is aces. I am now a loyal customer and can't speak more highly of more
Andrew Hughes
Andrew Hughes
18:31 13 Jul 19
Excellent customer service. Answered all my questions and took the time. They even follow up to make sure I was happy. The best part is my dirty car did look like new after the cleaning. I was shocked how good the interior looked. I am now a loyal customer and the price I paid was worth every penny. Very happy. Thanksread more

Awesome Mobile Auto & Car Detailing

Service in Vaughan!

If you live in Vaughan, you can now order our mobile car detailing service to be delivered right to your own driveway.

It’s super simple! All you have to do is book online and one of our auto detailing specialists will come with all the right experience and equipment to meticulously clean your car to perfection.

iDetail is a mobile car detailing company that focuses on convenience, customer service, and work quality. You no longer have to fight Vaughan traffic trying to drive to the local car detailing shop, drop off your car, waste time waiting around, then only to drive back home in traffic again. That’s at least half of your day wasted.

You can now get premium car detailing services right on your own driveway. Your neighbors in Vaughan will be poking their head out their front door and be amazed thinking “OMG – is somebody cleaning your car??? WOW you lucky son of a gun!”.

Why iDetail?

car interior cleaning vaughan

iDetail’s Car & Auto Detailing Specialists in Vaughan will come to your house with a fully equipped car detailing shop on wheels. Our Mercedes Metris car detailing service vans are fully equipped with water, electricity, and thousands of dollars worth of professional auto detailing equipment to offer superior service than our competition.

There’s no compromise when it comes to iDetail’s car detailing service – we’re exactly like a premium car detailing shop except the whole shop’s on wheels.

Our Vaughan customers love us when we offer a set time for your car detailing appointment. If you’re a Vaughan resident who likes peace of mind and consistency in your life, we’re the right car & auto detailing service for you.

After detailing 1000s of cars since we’ve been in business, iDetail’s car & auto detailing specialists have the process down to a tee. It takes 3 hours to detail your small car and 4 hours to detail your SUV. That way you know exactly when your car will be ready.

Simply Book Online

car detailing services vaughan

Just use our Online Booking System to reserve your own car detailing appointment.

We’ve made it so that it only takes 30 seconds to book.

There’s only 1 service package, saving you the headache of trying to understand what you’re actually getting with your service.

Think about a time when you’re going in for a haircut or spa treatment. You just want to look good right? We’ll get you in and out and looking amazing with ease every time. Is it worth a few extra dollars to you to get a great experience?

If you have any questions, just give us a call and we’d be happy to help.

Your Team of Professionals

  • Jonathan Neale
    Jonathan Neale 6 Years Experience

    Cleaning cars since the age of 15 for his dad’s dealership. Obsessed with cleaning wheels and making everything shine.

    • Michael Wong
      Michael Wong 3 Years Experience

      Detailed 500+ vehicles at Westown Mazda. Joined iDetail and stayed for the positive team energy.

      • Mike Wang
        Mike Wang Owner

        Years of corporate experience at Mercedes-Benz Canada and J.D. Power. Customer service specialist.


        Car Detailing Done Right

        Getting the car detailing job done right the first time is critical to our customers. It’s a complete waste of time otherwise, plus it’s super annoying to get a subpar job. Most of our customers in Vaughan hire us 2-4 times a year. At minimal, they get their car detailed once in the spring, and once in the fall. We don’t see each other very often, so it’s critical we get the detailing job done right the first time.

        Imagine you’re getting a haircut, you always go to the same barber or salon right? You need somebody who can get you looking amazing and in and out with a breeze. That’s why you’re going that same place you’ve been going for years instead of just a random place around the corner. The same goes for car detailing.

        It’s such a detailed service where your satisfaction depends on the car detailing technician. That’s why at iDetail we focus on quality control and consistency. We only hire staff with experience and train them on industry best practices that we’ve learned over the years of auto detailing experience.


        Caring for Your Car like a Baby

        You got a nice car, so you know how much it costs. Furthermore, you want to keep it nice right? If that’s the reason why you want to get it detailed, you need to hire the right company. Not all car detailing companies in Vaughan are the same.

        Some companies have the “can-do” attitude but don’t have the expertise to back it up. When it comes to luxury vehicles such as Mercedes, Land Rovers, Porsches, etc., it’s worth it to hire someone that’s very experienced and diligent.

        When we treat your car like a baby, we’ll never slam your doors shut, try to force unspecialized tools into tight areas, cut corners, or even have the vacuum hose rubbing against your car. There also comes times where there are stubborn stains on your nice leather seats. We always have the right product and technique. It’s not something you can just scrub away.

        We don’t claim to be the “best car detailing in Vaughan” but we got a database of hundreds of loyal customers. If you take a look at our portfolio, we frequently work on luxury vehicles so you can trust us with yours too.


        How Valuable is Your Time?

        Your car and getting it detailed shouldn’t take over your life, not even for a day. It’s a nice treat to get yourself and should be effortless. That’s why we make it super easy for you.

        We’ve been doing car detailing for so long that we know exactly how long it’s going to take to detail your vehicle. It’s all listed on our online booking system. That way, you can plan around it and expect your car to be ready when we promise it to be ready.

        iDetail’s car detailing services are also super easy to book. Just use our online booking system and you can book within 30 seconds. There’s no back and forth. Our calendar is live so all the appointments on there are actually available and once you book it, it’s reserved for you.

        If you have any questions, we’d be more than happy to answer them for you. Just give us a call at 647-405-4516.


        iDetail – Mobile Car Detailing Toronto
        350 Bay Street, #1300, Toronto, ON M5H 2S6 (Mailing Address Only)

        7 days a week: 7am to 10pm