A Love Letter to Our Customers

A Love Letter to Our Customers


Canada Day just passed – 2018!

It marks the 2nd year anniversary of iDetail. My team and myself just worked 12 hours in one of the hottest days of the year.

Driving home, I almost cried thinking about our customers. We owe you everything.

I want to share the following with all of you personally. But you probably don’t want us sobbing on your driveway.

Don’t worry, it’s tears of happiness.

We really only have 3 kinds of customers. And here is a love letter to each one of you. 


1. Regular people

Regular people, just like us. We’re regular. You don’t get your car detailed frequently. That’s totally normal. I never got my car detailed for 12+ years of owning a car. Spending $250 to clean my car is an expensive purchase. You’ve done the research and thought about it.

Thank you soooo much for choosing us.

One person came up to us as we were cleaning a car. He asked about the service and window tinting. We don’t do window tinting so he asked us for a recommendation.

I told him, “Oh..Just lookup window tinting on Google.”.

The responded, “I don’t trust random people and most of them are scammers.”

Wow. I suddenly realized that trust is not easily achieved. Most of our customers come from them searching “car detailing” on Google. They don’t know us, they’ve 99% chance never seen us.

And you trust us? I am soooo thankful for that.

We want to show you respect as it’s a honour for you to have chosen us. If there is anything further we can do, let us know. We’re never in a rush to finish a job. Providing service to you is not a job for us. It’s not done until you say “WOW this is amazing. Money well spent!”.

Your respect and trust is our ultimate reward. You trusted us blind and we must prove to you that we were the right choice.

We want to give you amazing work quality and customer service. It’s hard to find these days.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity.


2. Corporate Executives

Partners, C-level, VPs.

Real estate, finance, education, energy, food & beverage, retail, entertainment, jewelry, marketing – we’ve seen it.

You manage multiple high-level employees and projects worth $$M on a daily basis. The few people you work with must be on-point, smart, driven, A players.

Your standards for professionalism is a high bar. Professional, timely, results-oriented, and good communicators.

We can’t disappoint you. You are a top professional at work so you’re used to it. If you hired somebody sloppy during your personal time, you would hate dealing with incompetence.

My team is young. They are mature for their age though. Instead of working at the mall, they have the character and skills to execute a professional service by themselves. My staff are engaged. It’s 100% mandatory to do a great job cleaning your car.

I make the effort to meet their family, understand them as a person, support their career goals, chat about personal stuff with them. I even keep them updated about problems in the business.

When you hire us, you’re actually hiring a team. Our team collectively work on quality control, customer service, and logistics. That way, you get turn-key solutions.

I was never a good corporate employee. In fact, I’m a terrible corporate employee. I’m making it up to you now by providing this quality service.

Thank you for working with us.



3. Entrepreneurs

A huge hug and a business-strength handshake to you all.

You single-handedly kept this business alive and contributed to its growth.

You give us many cars to detail.

We keep going back to you and serving you with our utmost effort because we want to learn about business. And you pay us too!?!?!

You have taught us invaluable lessons, never thought in school or any other place.

I see your success and I learn by observation. You are mostly too busy to teach verbally.

I observe how you conduct business, how you treat other people, and how you make decisions. I see you are working 12 hours a day so I must follow suit.

You guys also have the highest risk tolerance. You were my first customers ever when I was just showing up with basically some household tools, 2 buckets, in the back of my 2001 Corolla (275,000km+). The few hundred dollars you gave me money to invest in better equipment. I put all the money back in the business right away.

When I was extremely low on cash, you’d call to get your car detailed again. I’m thinking inside my head “Wait…didn’t you just get your car detailed 2 weeks ago”.

Instead, what I said to you was “SURE! When do you want us to come!”

That extra $250 gave us a financial lifejacket during an infant stage of the business.

Our goal is to give back. We want to make you proud. When you see us succeed, please remember that you contributed to it significantly.

I Love You.

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